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Technical Guruji Net Worth: Insights into the Tech Influencer’s Earnings

Technical Guruji, a name synonymous with technology blogs and gadget reviews on YouTube, refers to the channel run by tech YouTuber Gaurav Chaudhary, an engineer turned content creator. Engineer by Education, Entrepreneur by Profession, Nano-Science Researcher by Interest, Technical Guruji is one serious YouTuber. In 2020, he was on the Forbes India 30 under 30 list. With a keen interest in electronics and communication, Gaurav Choudhary has established himself as a trusted source of technology-related content since the inception of his channel in 2015.

Technical Guruji

Technical Guruji career began with this channel on 15th October 2015. His simplified explanations of complex gadgets and tech trends have amassed a substantial following, making him one of India’s most prominent tech influencers on the platform. Now it is the favourite channel of the tech community in India.

Estimating the net worth of such digital personalities often involves considering various revenue streams, including but not limited to advertisement earnings, sponsorships, affiliate sales, and brand deals.

With his brand Technical Guruji, Gaurav Chaudhary has diversified his investments and income sources, contributing to his overall net worth. As a popular Indian YouTuber with millions of subscribers, Chaudhary’s reach offers immense value to tech brands looking to promote their products, which likely plays a significant role in his financial success.

Early Life and Education

Technical Guruji, known for his expertise in technology and gadgets, has roots that trace back to Ajmer, Rajasthan. With an upbringing grounded in the rich cultural atmosphere of this historic city, his academic path laid the foundation for his technical acumen. 

He relocated to Dubai in 2012 to pursue a degree in microelectronics at BITS Pilani’s Dubai campus and is leading an amazing life in Dubai now.

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Humble Beginnings

Technical Guruji was born in Ajmer, Rajasthan, in 1991 and grew up surrounded by Hindi and Rajasthani traditions. Growing up in a city known for its excellent schools, he had the perfect ambiance for starting his educational journey.

Education Journey

His education path brought him to BITS, Pilani, a prestigious engineering school in India. Here, he ventured into microelectronics. This field teaches the creation of tiny electronic designs. His education here was vital, shaping his technology expertise that later formed the basis of his career.

YouTube Success Story

Technical Guruji is a successful technology-based YouTuber who experienced considerable success after starting his channel. His channel targets tech lovers. Technical Guruji was ranked the 9th most popular tech YouTube channel in September 2018 and the first to reach 10 million subscribers in November 2018.

Technical Guruji childhood

On 15th November 2018, he released a YouTube video on the occasion of achieving the milestone of 10 million subscribers. He now has 23 million subscribers on this channel making it one of the largest tech channels in the world. Technical Guruji, aka Gaurav Chaudhary, now has two successful YouTube tech channels. His second channel, by the name Gaurav Chaudhary, also has 5 million plus subscribers. 

Ascension on YouTube

He started his YouTube channel to make technology simple for everyone. Soon, his channel saw a rapid increase in subscribers thanks to his straightforward, informative approach. He mainly focused on tech reviews, news, and tips. His steady content and talent to explain complex tech topics caused the quick rise.

Significant Achievements

Technical Guruji’s YouTube channel has significant wins:

  1. Subscribers: The channel has a whopping 23 million followers. This shows his standing in the tech content world.
  2. Views: The channel has hundreds of millions of views, underlining its vast reach.
  3. Technical Guruji was featured in YouTube Rewind, signifying his status among top creators and trends.

These highlights show his channel’s rapid growth and standing in the YouTube circle.

Creating Content

Technical Guruji Creating Content

Technical Guruji’s content creation style is straightforward and illuminating,

which his fans love. His tech videos are:

  1. Evident: He avoids tech lingo, making his content easy to grasp.
  2. Captivating: His hands-on demos and clear visuals are crowd-pleasers.
  3. Plain-spoken: Simple language ensures his complex tech content makes sense to everyone.

His unique way of mixing detailed tech understanding with easy-to-follow explanations

has clinched Technical Guruji’s spot as a top content maker on YouTube.

Business and Revenue

This part checks out Technical Guruji’s efforts and income channels that add to technical guruji net worth. It digs into the businesses he participates in and his various income sources.

Business Ventures

Gaurav Chaudhary, or Technical Guruji, the Indian tech YouTuber, is now a notable entrepreneur in Dubai. He has his hands in several business pies, including digital platforms. His family business is security systems, and he’s also part of his family’s security firm in Dubai. This enterprise has been a significant earnings source for him, enjoying the bustling Dubai business scene.

He is a Dubai Police-certified security systems engineer and supplies security equipment to Dubai Police and other organizations.

Income Sources

Technical Guruji Income Sources

Technical Guruji’s primary income is from his YouTube channel, which is known by the same name. Here, he gives tech advice and reviews. He makes quite a bit from Google AdSense, thanks to plenty of subscribers.

Plus, he’s making an income by allowing sponsorships and brand endorsements on his channel, targeting tech products and services audiences. These partnerships help boost his monthly income, showing a varied digital income portfolio.

Brand and Image

Technical Guruji Brand and Image

Technical Guruji has made a sizeable personal brand that touches millions worldwide and is grounded in tech knowledge and media skills. Accolades and a robust online presence have helped him build his image.


Technical Guruji has received much applause for his tech wisdom and comments. One top achievement is being on Forbes India’s 30 Under 30 list, celebrating young persons who’ve done well in different fields.

Online Impact

Technical Guruji has a solid influence spanning many social media sites. His impressive follower count across platforms like Instagram demonstrates this influence. Users on these platforms value his consistent posts on tech-related updates and brand partnerships, which continue to strengthen his online persona.

By striking critical brand partnerships and actively connecting with his followers, Technical Guruji ensures he remains a crucial player in the tech industry.

Financial Status and Possessions

Technical Guruji Financial Status

Famed for his tech-centric content, Technical Guruji is a YouTuber and businessman who lives in Dubai and has accumulated significant wealth from his online endeavors and investments. His possessions include a luxury car collection and a Dubai property.

Approximate Wealth

According to Your Story, his estimated net worth is around $ 45 million, Rs 356 crores in Indian currency, in 2023. The net worth of Technical Guruji is believed to be substantial, although the exact number may be subject to financial variations and personal investments. Many state his income is derived mainly from his YouTube channel, brand deals, and individual investments. 

  1. Net Worth: Thought to be in multiples of millions of Indian Rupees.

High-End Assets

Technical Guruji High-End Assets

A lover of both luxury and performance, Technical Guruji has a stunning collection of luxury cars.

  1. Cars: Audi A6, Porsche Panamera, Rolls Royce Ghost, Range Rover Vogue, McLaren GT, Mercedes Benz G-Class, BMW 750Li
  2. An Audi A6 car
  3. Porsche Panamera car
  4. Rolls Royce Ghost car
  5. A Range Rover Vogue vehicle
  6. The McLaren GT automobile
  7. Mercedes Benz G-Class car
  8. A BMW 750Li vehicle

He also owns a Suzuki Hayabusa, a bike known for being fast and robust.

  1. Real Estate: Dubai House: It’s a top-notch property located downtown, symbolizing luxury and comfort.
  2. Dubai House: A premium city center estate reflecting opulence and ease.

All his belongings show his accomplishments and class.


What’s Technical Guruji’s money source?

Technical Guruji or Gaurav Chaudhary mainly gets his money from YouTube ads, company sponsorships, and selling other tech company’s products online. He’s into technology devices and breaking them down.

Which ventures increase Technical Guruji’s wealth?

Besides his channel on YouTube, Technical Guruji’s fortune is increased by his family-owned UAE business. They trade security devices and other electronics. He makes more with tech partnerships and selling his merchandise.

Could you name the cars Technical Guruji owns?

Technical Guruji owns an impressive set of high-end cars. This includes a Porsche Panamera, Audi A6, BMW 750Li, Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG, and a Maserati Quattroporte.

Who earns the most as tech YouTubers in India?

Technical Guruji is a high earner among top tech YouTubers in India. Others like Amit Bhawani of PhoneRadar, Ranjit Kumar from GeekyRanjit, and Praval Sharma of Sharmaji Technical also earn well. They have many subscribers and make money from different online platforms.

How has Technical Guruji’s wealth evolved?

Gaurav Chaudhary, also known as Technical Guruji, has grown consistently with time. The reasons are the ever-increasing likes for his YouTube channel, the launch of more business activities, and his fame on social media.

What affects a tech YouTuber’s wealth around the world?

Multiple factors influence a tech YouTuber’s wealth globally. These include audience size, engagement, varied income sources, brand partnerships, how often they produce content, and how well the YouTuber adapts to changing tech trends.

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