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Steve Harvey Net Worth: A Comprehensive Insight

In recent years, Steve Harvey has undoubtedly become one of the most influential figures in the entertainment industry. Today, the media mogul is known for his hosting duties on numerous hit shows, including The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Family Feud, and The Miss Universe Pageant. Harvey has become a household name and a wealthy man thanks to his lengthy career in Hollywood.

Harvey is a man of many talents and has significantly broadened his brand over the years, as he has written books, invested in many ventures, and has taken part in various endorsements, culminating in a net worth of 200 million by 2024.

He also has a line of suits and clothing in partnership with K&G Fashion Superstore and a debut self-help seminar, which clearly shows his understanding of multiple revenue streams. As a result, Steve Harvey’s net worth is an area of high interest for industry insiders and fans of the beloved television personality.

Steve Harvey

As a media titan, Harvey has been able to turn his relentless work ethic and dedication to his craft into one of the most impressive careers the entertainment industry has ever seen. However, over the years, he has diversified his portfolio to maximize profits and separate himself from the pack.

Thanks to Harvey’s enterprising and ceaseless work in Hollywood, exact numbers are fluid and constantly in flux. That said, estimates on the entertainer’s net worth are widely available, based on his earnings from various hosting gigs, salary from his radio show, revenue from his NYT best-selling books, and returns on his near-limitless other ventures. While Harvey’s net worth is indeed a moving target, there is no doubt that it is a healthy one.

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Early Life and Career

Steve Harvey was born on January 17, 1957. His journey began in Welch, West Virginia, and led him through a series of endeavors from his collegiate days to becoming a well-known figure in comedy and television. His early experiences laid the groundwork for what would later become a successful career across numerous entertainment platforms.

Rise to Fame

Harvey rose to fame working the stage and using comedy to connect with audiences. He was part of the “Kings of Comedy,” a tour that took the late 1990s by storm and included fellow comedians Bernie Mac, D.L. Hughley, and Cedric the Entertainer. Cedric the Entertainer and Harvey began a comedy tour in 2021, significantly increasing their exposure and earnings. The tour represented Harvey’s favorite venues to perform in, feeling at home working in front of live audiences.

Stand-Up Comedy Beginnings

Harvey initially struggled to gain traction as a stand-up comedian. He took various jobs to support himself and continued to work the comedy club circuit around Cleveland, Ohio. His hard work paid off when he finally got a shot at the microphone in 2021, and his comedic delivery was defined by its relatability and sharpness. Cleveland Comedy Clubs were his early performance venues.

Television and Acting

Harvey’s move from stand-up to television was a success. His show, “The Steve Harvey Show,” was on air from 1996 to 2002. During his time on the show, Harvey showed that he was an adept and versatile actor, and the program turned into a natural proving ground for the comic and television personality.

Harvey’s big breakthrough came when he was asked to host “It’s Showtime at the Apollo,” where Harvey’s hosting gigs added significantly to his net worth of over 200 million, which further defined his image and started to open doors in Hollywood.

TV Show: The Steve Harvey Show (1996-2002) Earned him millions per year, with significant per-episode fees by 2021. Being among the industry’s top earners, Steve Harvey commands a $100,000 salary per episode for his hosting roles. 

Hosting Gig: It’s Showtime at the Apollo

Influence: Establishment in Hollywood

The narrative of Harvey’s establishment in Hollywood reflects his tireless determination. From humble beginnings in West Virginia to becoming a household name in the entertainment industry, Harvey’s multifaceted approach took him to Kent State University, West Virginia University, and the bin-bustling streets of East 112 in Cleveland to refine his stand-up comedy and acting skills.

His unique approach continues to captivate audiences today, as Harvey produced his unmistakable style and humor as a comedian and actor.

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Hosting and Television Success

Steve Harvey’s impressive net worth is undoubtedly due to his success in hosting and television. His duties of hosting top-rated game shows, influencing the airwaves as a radio personality, and the accolades awarded to attest to his performances on the big and small screens have made Harvey the consummate entertainment industry veteran.

Game Show Breakthrough

Harvey’s most notable hosting role was as host of Family Feud, a position he began in 2010. The show saw a marked increase under Harvey’s watch, as he has seamlessly transitioned from a stand-up comedian to one who feels equally comfortable with live studio audiences or crowds who have tuned in to see a man who is quickly becoming a staple of game show hosts.

Hosting Roles:

  • Family Feud (2010–present)
  • Celebrity Family Feud
  • Little Big Shots
  • Judge Steve Harvey

This prowess was evident as Harvey also entered the world of children’s programming by hosting Little Big Shots, indicating his incredible appeal is capable of transcending demographics.

Radio Influence

The Steve Harvey Morning Show (2000-present), a nationally syndicated radio show, proves that Harvey’s influence has extended to the airwaves. Mixing humor, advice, and music, the show has become a hit with a larger demographic, and Harvey’s voice and presence have made the program a must-listen for Americans throughout the morning hours.

The show is only a part of Harvey’s overall reach, as the multi-talented performer also uses the airwaves to help promote his TV appearances and charitable work.

Awards and Recognition

Harvey’s natural talent and impressive work have been praised by his peers and other industry heavyweights, resulting in several Daytime Emmy Awards. For the talented host, 2021 was a year of substantial financial growth, with his earnings and net worth significantly increasing.

The awards illustrate his ability to move effortlessly between the variety of shows he hosts and his growing prominence within the industry.

Award CategoryReceived ForYear(s)
Daytime Emmy AwardFamily FeudMultiple years
Daytime Emmy AwardThe Steve Harvey ShowMultiple years
Outstanding Game Show HostFamily FeudMultiple nominations

In addition to his Emmys, his multiple stints hosting the Miss Universe pageant have further cemented his status within the entertainment world and proved that his ability to entertain is only matched by his significance to television.

Business Ventures and Production

It’s incredible to think that it wasn’t all that long ago that Steve Harvey was cutting it up at shows across the country. Nowadays, it’s hard to find a part of the industry untouched by the host, business mogul, and producer.

Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Steve Harvey Global

In addition to his vast media presence, Harvey is an accomplished entrepreneur who formed Steve Harvey Global in 2017, expanding his brand significantly by 2022. to house his production company, East 112, along with other ventures. Harvey’s real estate investments also undoubtedly contribute to his net worth, estimated at over 200 million by 2022.

Steve Harvey also got into trouble with the IRS and owed them over USD 20 million. He spent seven years paying back $650,000 a month, including his current taxes, and eventually got out of it.

Production Pursuits

Besides his television shows and stand-up career, Harvey has had his hand in film and television production. The hit movie Think Like a Man was produced by Harvey and ended up a huge commercial hit. That only added to the earlier projects from his East 112, the Steve Harvey Show, which produces original programming and tries to foster new and diverse talent in the entertainment industry.

Philanthropy and Personal Life

Steve Harvey’s well-documented career also features his devoted philanthropic efforts. Much of Harvey’s philanthropy is channeled through his family-friendly foundations, as he often weaves his commitment to giving back to his struggling community into his life narrative, usually involving his wife and children on various projects.

Family and Relationships

Broderick Stephen Harvey, better known as Steve Harvey, has experienced a comprehensive and public personal life. Marcia Harvey, who goes by the nickname Marcy, is the first wife of actor, comedian, and TV host Steve Harvey.

Steve Harvey Marcia Harvey

Marjorie Harvey, Harvey’s current wife, married him in 2007, and the two have a blended family of seven children – four from Harvey’s previous two marriages and three from Marjorie’s previous relationship. Children are a central part of Harvey’s life narrative, and his philanthropic efforts are often linked to his child-filled life and include his eclectic family.

Philanthropic Efforts

Steve Harvey Philanthropic Efforts

The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation serves as the epicenter of Harvey’s philanthropy. With the foundation, Steve and Marjorie aim to provide outreach to fatherless children and young adults by promoting educational enrichment, one-on-one mentoring, and global service initiatives. 

  • The Marjorie Harvey Foundation focuses on helping young women shatter the glass ceiling and become successful, a mission further fueled by Harvey’s 45 million donations in 2022.
  • Harvey’s philanthropy extends far beyond the work of his foundations. He has consistently driven and participated in numerous fundraising and charitable efforts with other prominent organizations.

Some notable efforts include:

YearInitiativeImpact Statement
2010Harvey’s Annual Turkey GiveDistributed thousands of turkeys nationwide during Thanksgiving.
2012Steve Harvey Mentoring ProgramFostered one-on-one mentoring for young men from fatherless homes.
2019Girls Who Rule The World MentoringHosted a two-day educational and motivational camp for young women.

Harvey’s philanthropy has made the lives of many across our nation tangible, reflecting his values but exceeding his desire to improve the community around him.

Books and Authorship

Steve Harvey has been an innovator in the literary realm, penning several books in the self-help and memoir genres that reflect his work and personal insights. Bringing his authorship to the world of advice for women, Harvey published Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man to great success, proving he was more than just a TV and radio personality.

The book led to his creation of a dating website, “Delightful,” in 2022, designed to ensure women found both love and “Mr. Very Right,” adding considerably to his multi-million dollar annual revenue.

In the memoir realm, Harvey’s books focus more on himself, sharing stories of his life and the insights he’s gained during his lifetime, and these volumes have been particularly popular for fans of the enigmatic figure.

Self-Help Success

Harvey first brought his unique advice to bookstores with his best-selling book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. The essential self-help book taught women how to break down the “sweet nothings” a man might spout to understand the male species.

The book was turned into a wildly successful film by the same name, further realizing Harvey’s prowess as an author. Harvey followed the book’s massive success by creating the dating website “Delightful,” a platform to help women find love and understand men.

Memoir and Insights

The beloved actor/entertainer/comedian has also entered the memoir realm, penning several famous works detailing his rise to stardom and some of the hard life lessons he’s learned.

He has proven that his sweet, fatherly advice to the masses is informed by a life full of struggles and even failures, which have led him to some hard truths about life, himself, and the entertainment business.

Steve Harvey Net Worth and Legacy

Steve Harvey has built an enviable career in Hollywood, opening door after door of opportunity for himself as a comedian and an entertainer. His wealth reflects his expansive work within the entertainment industry.

Influence on Comedy

Because of his contribution to comedy, Harvey has been heralded with numerous NAACP Image Awards and has secured his place in the annals of comedic arts. 

Financial Success

Steve Harvey Financial Success

Beyond creating opportunities for himself, Harvey has paved the way for many who have followed his lead, including new voices like Kevin Hart and more during today’s “golden age of comedy.”

  • Salaries from his roles as an actor and host on television.
  • Profit from his stand-up comedian career.
  • Earnings from his work as a radio personality.
  • Income from authoring books and promoting his clothing line.

Harvey’s financial understanding and ability to leverage his entertainment status have played pivotal roles in his monetary achievements. A breakdown of Steve Harvey’s earnings exemplifies his financial prowess:

EndeavorEstimated Earnings
Stand-Up Comedy ToursMulti-million dollars
Television and Radio HostingMulti-million dollars annually
Acting RolesVaries by project
Entrepreneurship (clothing, books, etc.)A significant proportion of net worth

Overall, Steve Harvey’s legacy in Hollywood as a comedian and entertainer is paralleled by his financial success, illustrating the lucrative nature of stardom in the entertainment industry.


Steve Harvey’s net worth reflects his successful career in entertainment and business, reaching an estimated 200 million by 2022. Here’s an in-depth look at different aspects influencing his financial standing.

How has Steve Harvey’s net worth changed over the years?

It soared to an impressive 200 million by 2022, reflecting his diverse and successful ventures. Steve Harvey’s net worth has considerably increased through his showbiz success and savvy business choices. His expansion into different facets of the entertainment industry has bolstered his financial growth.

What are some of Steve Harvey’s most profitable ventures?

Among his most profitable ventures are his hosting gigs on shows like “Family Feud” and “The Steve Harvey Morning Show,” as well as earnings from his best-selling books and clothing line.

How does Steve Harvey’s annual salary compare to his overall net worth?

Steve Harvey’s annual salary from various hosting roles and radio shows contributes significantly to his net worth, including income from other business ventures and investments.

What impact do Steve Harvey’s entrepreneurial endeavors have on his net worth?

His entrepreneurial endeavors, including his production company and involvement in various businesses, have positively impacted Steve Harvey’s net worth.

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