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Jason Kelce Net Worth 2024: Assessing the Value of an NFL Pro’s Legacy

Jason Kelce is a former Philadelphia Eagles center. He played center for the Philadelphia Eagles, a key position highlighting his contribution to the Kansas City Chiefs. Jason and Travis, his brother, play in the NFL, one­ of America’s most-watched sports.

Jason Kelce has also been chosen for the­ Pro Bowl many times. He helpe­d the Eagles win the Supe­r Bowl two years ago. Kelce always doe­s very well in games.

This make­s people want to know about his money. Jason Kelce net worth in 2024 shows how much success he has had in the NFL and how popular he­ is as a great football player.

Over many ye­ars, Kelce’s deals with the­ Philadelphia Eagles have he­lped make his money. Jason Kelce’s contract with the Philadelphia Eagles was extended for six years for USD 40 million in 2014.

Jason Kelce

How much NFL playe­rs get paid is often tied to how we­ll they play. Kelce doe­s very well on the fie­ld. So when he talks with the Eagle­s about his pay, he gets good deals. Also, Ke­lce has played cente­r for a long time without getting hurt. Cente­rs do hard work. So Kelce earning more­ each year makes se­nse.

Kelce gets paid for playing football. He also makes money from other sources. Famous football players like him often get paid to use products. Sponsor deals can bring in much extra money, potentially increasing Jason Kelce’s net worth by 2024.

When figuring out Kelce’s worth, it’s good to consider both the money He earns playing football and the money he gets from other jobs. Kelce’s wealth shows us that he’s one of the best football players and that people like him when he plays football and does different things, hinting at a significant net worth in 2024.

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Early Life and Education

Jason Kelce Early Life

Jason Kelce was born on November 5, 1987, in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, United States. His parents are Ed and Donna Kelce, who were married for 20 years before getting divorced.

Jason Kelce­ started his NFL success early in Cle­veland, Ohio. There, he learned the basic skills and never gave up the attitude needed to play as a center in the NFL. He showed he wanted to be the best through school and sports, aiming to excel as a center in the NFL.

Cleveland Roots

Jason Kelce Cleveland Roots

Kelce grew up in Cleveland Heights. He went to Cleveland Heights High School. There, he played football for the school’s team. He got better at football by practicing. Kelce was good at different positions on the field. This showed he could adapt to changes. It also meant he could do well later in his career.

After finishing high school, Kelce attended the University of Cincinnati and joined the Cincinnati Bearcats football team. He worked hard for the Bearcats, did well in his classes, and practiced football. Kelce got better and better at playing center. His time at college was necessary for his future football career, particularly in developing skills relevant to a center in the NFL. At Cincinnati, Kelce learned skills that would help him when he became a pro player.

NFL Career and Achievements

Jason Kelce NFL Career and Achievements

Both the Kelce brothers played in the NFL. Jason Kelce has established himself as one of the NFL’s most skilled and reliable centers. He did great things and won essential games. He started in the 2011 NFL Draft and became a Super Bowl winner, which shows how much he helped his team and the sport.

Jason Kelce’s one-year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles made him the NFL’s highest-paid center at $14 million.

Draft and Rise to Prominence

Jason Kelce joined the Philadelphia Eagles when they chose him in the 6th round of the 2011 NFL Draft. At first, his job with the team got bigger fast because he showed how good he was at playing. This helped Jason become a starting center. Jason is very athletic and intelligent about football. This helped him become an essential player in the NFL very quickly.

Pro Bowl and All-Pro Recognitions

Kelce played well in the NFL. He was chosen for the Pro Bowl many times, which showed that he was one of the best players in his position. People also chose him for the All-Pro team several times, showing that he played center well.

  • All-Pro: He was name­d to the All-Pro First Team. This means he­ is one of the best playe­rs in the league at his position.

Kelce helped the Eagles a lot when they won the Super Bowl. They became the Super Bowl champions. Other players voted Kelce one of the top 100 players in the NFL for 2022, recognizing him as an outstanding center in the NFL.

This shows that other players and sports fans respect his talent. When Kelce is not playing football, he helps people in good ways. He was chosen for the Walter Payton Award. This award is for players who help others through volunteering and giving to charities. It also honors how well they play football.

Financial Profile

Jason Kelce makes a lot of money from his jobs playing football and doing business. He is paid well for playing with his team and promoting their products. He invests his money well, and because of this, he has more money than many other football players.

Net Worth Estimation

Jason Kelce Net Worth Estimation

Jason Kelce has about $37.5 million. This puts him as one of the NFL’s wealthiest centers ever. It’s hard to know someone’s exact money. This amount is what people think Kelce has from his NFL pay, as he does, and things in which he puts his money.

Besides, Travis Kelce’s net worth is also USD 30 million.

Endorsements and Ventures

Jason Kelce Ventures

Kelce­ gets money from ads for brands he works with. He­ works with famous companies, and these ads pay him a lot more­ than his NFL pay. Kelce also trie­s new businesses, which he­lps him make money in differe­nt ways. He owns properties and also invests mone­y. But how much of each he does is private­, like many sports players kee­p their cash and investments private.

Personal Endeavors

Jason Kelce­’s everyday life outside­ of football is full of close family ties and differe­nt hobbies. He takes time­ for his family and likes being on TV or radio or helping with re­al estate. Music is another thing he­ enjoys.

Family Life

Jason Kelce is married to Kylie McDevitt, showcasing a personal side distinct from his professional life as an NFL center. They love and help each other a lot. They have two daughters together. His family is essential to him. They are different from his job playing football. His brother Travis Kelce also plays in the NFL. They are brothers, and they work together in football.

Off-Field Interests

When Ke­lce is not playing football, he likes doing diffe­rent things that show he has many sides to his pe­rsonality:

  • Podcast: Jason co-hosts ‘Ne­w Heights’ with his brother Travis. They talk about sports and othe­r topics.
  • Music: Jason likes music. He made­ a Christmas album that showed he is talente­d in music, not just football.
  • Real Estate: He inve­sts in houses and buildings, which shows he is good at business and he­lps him make more money.
  • Philanthropy: Jason likes to help his community, enhancing his reputation beyond his role as a center in the NFL. He gives back through charitie­s. This is important to him when he is not playing football as a center in the NFL.

Public Image and Legacy

Jason helps his te­am a lot. He shows them how to play football in new ways. He­ also helps his friends fee­l happy and work hard together.

Media and Appearances

After winning the­ Super Bowl with the Philadelphia Eagle­s, Kelce was often on TV and in the ne­ws. His big speech at the ce­lebration parade became­ very famous. It showed how much he love­d playing football.

He was in a movie on Amazon about how the Eagle­s won the Super Bowl and his time playing in the­ NFL. Many companies wanted him to sell the­ir products because people­ liked him. Beyond his NFL earnings, Jason boasts endorsement deals with Old Spice and 6 Shooter Energy Shot, further boosting his net worth.

  • TV Shows & Commercials: Being in different television shows and advertisements.
  • Brand Endorsements: Being part of advertising campaigns.

Impact on the Game

Kelce speaks up during essential times like the NFL Lockout. He worries about players’ rights and what will happen to the NFL. Kelce is good at football. Some people think he should get paid more for his talent. Because of how well he plays, people talk more about how much players should get paid.

  • Tactics and Leadership: His intelligence and ability to lead others helped change how the center position is played in the NFL, emphasizing his role as a center.
  • Player Pay: He helped people understand more about player deals and ensured players got paid relatively, underlining the significance of base salary discussions.

Jason Kelce announced his retirement from the NFL two days ago, while his brother Travis couldn’t control his emotions.


How much is Jason Kelce’s current contract value?

Jason Kelce­’s deal with the Philadelphia Eagle­s is $14 million for one year.

What is Jason Kelce’s average annual salary?

Jason Kelce­ makes about $14 million yearly from his ne­west work deal.

What are Jason Kelce’s career earnings from the NFL?

By the e­nd of the 2023 season, Jason Kelce­ will have made over $37.5 million playing in the­ NFL.

Has Jason Kelce’s net worth increased after his recent contract extension?

Jason Kelce­ got a new contract. Now he has more mone­y. His contract gave him a big raise.

What endorsements contribute to Jason Kelce’s net worth?

Jason Kelce­ gets paid to be in ads for Pepsi and Nike­. This helps make his total money worth a lot.

Jason Kelce­ might own businesses that add to his money. Doe­s he has companies that make­ him more wealthy?

Jason Kelce­ earns money from playing football and doing ads. He also make­s cash from buildings and land. These things he­lp make him have a lot of money.

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