Scott Peterson Net Worth: Income, Career, and Criminal Record

Age49 years
Born24th October 1972
Country of OriginSan Diego, California, United States
Net Worth$1 million

Who is Scott Peterson?

When biographies are always about successful people, Scott Peterson has walked on a different lane with his notoriety. He is a criminal as he was convicted of killing his wife, Laci Peterson when she was pregnant with their first child. He was sentenced to death by the Supreme Court of California, but the death sentence was overturned in 2020.

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Early Life

Scott Lee Peterson was his real name, and he was born in California on 24 October 1972. His father was Lee Peterson, and his mother was Jackie Helen Latham. His parents owned a crate-packaging company. Though both his parents had other children from previous relationships, Scott was their only child.

Scott was fond of playing golf since childhood and he used to play it with his father to spend more time with him. At the age of 15, Scott could beat his father in every game of golf. To Scott, Phil Mickelson was his hero and he used to idolize Phil. When Scott attended the University of San Diego High School, he got in touch with Phil who inspired Scott to become a better player. Later, he joined Arizona State University where he was considered among the top players.


Though Scott wanted to be a famous golf player, his career in the game never reached the popularity of Phil Mickelson. But, Scott didn’t give up and tried his hands at business. The background of belonging to a business family helped him a lot in the venture and he became a successful fertilizer salesperson.

He used to make a decent income from his business and it was around $5000 when the incident with his wife was reported. As soon as his crime was proven, he lost his job every means of income was closed to him.

Personal Life

Scott and Laci dated for a long time before they got married. They were in love and their relationship was going well. Scott was also earning well when Laci got pregnant with their first child. Everything got changed when Scott met his therapist, Amber Frey.

They got into a relationship and one day, Scott announced that his wife got missing. People got sympathized with him as his wife was eight-month pregnant at that time. It was only a thorough investigation that brought out Scott as the murderer of his wife. As a result, he got a death sentence by injection.


Q: What is Scott Peterson doing now?

A: Presently, Scott Peterson has not received bail and is imprisoned in the jail of Redwood City.

Q: What is the net worth of Scott Peterson?

A: Scott Peterson’s net worth is $1 million dollar.

Q: What is the relationship status of Scott Peterson?

He is not in any relationship, presently.

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