Efraim Diveroli’s Net Worth: Income, Career, and Bio in July 2024

His estimated net worth is approximately $25 million, most of which came from the sale of weapons.

Efraim is a businessman and arms dealer known for his controversial business deals, such as his plan to sell weapons to the U.S. government during the Iraq War.

Before taking on this important contract, Efraim had already made a name for himself as a business owner and made a lot of money through his business dealings.

He started out as an entrepreneur in Miami, where he co-owned a modest import-export company with his father. Efraim used his sales skills to negotiate deals for the company all over the world, which helped it grow into a successful business.

This article will examine Efraim Diveroli’s wealth and how he acquired it. We’ll also look at some of his more contentious business transactions, including his weaponry purchase with the American government during the Iraq War.

Who Is Efraim Diveroli/ Biography

Efraim Diveroli is an American businessman who became well-known after appearing in the film “War Dogs.” Efraim started working as a gun runner when he was still a teenager. He eventually became successful in the gun trade.

AEY Incorporated was the name of the business Efraim created. This business specializes in importing and exporting guns and military surplus products. Efraim served as its president and CEO. He was successful because he had a talent for finding profitable contracts.

Efraim’s company became famous after he won a $300 million contract to provide weapons to the U.S. government. This made his company one of the top weapons suppliers in the world. Efraim himself became very wealthy because of this contract.

Efraim Diveroli was a smart man who knew what he was doing. He made sure that everything went smoothly and that he was successful. He was young and ambitious, but his business strategies could have been better. However, they were successful, so he made a lot of money. Unfortunately, his success resulted in some disastrous events.

Efraim is very determined. When his dubious business methods were finally revealed, he gained international attention. Although his net worth decreased, he still left with a sizable fortune. This is okay for someone who only had a laptop and a small office when he started.

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Early Life

Diveroli was born to Ateret and Michael Diveroli on December 20, 1985, in Miami Beach, Florida. The family followed all of the religious rules of the Jewish faith. While in Miami Beach, he enrolled in the Hebrew Academy. Yoav Botach, his grandpa, was a wealthy Los Angeles property owner; his uncle is the well-known Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.

Efraim began working in the family firm’s import and export trade branch after finishing high school. His father and uncle provided him with basic office space and a laptop to get him going. Efraim started negotiating contracts with foreign suppliers soon after he saw how good he was at this. He was aggressive and tenacious in his pursuit of the best contracts.

How Did Efraim Diveroli Make His Net Worth?

Efraim’s fortune comes from many sources, most notably his success as an arms dealer. During the Iraq War, he made a lot of money providing weapons to various countries worldwide, including the U.S. government.

Diveroli went back to Miami Beach, Florida, when he was fifteen. He informed his father that he planned to launch a business that would sell guns, ammunition, and military contracts to the American government following an argument with his uncle.

Diveroli convinced his father to sell him a business. Diveroli renamed the business and changed it into a printing business. Diveroli, however, had different plans for the company. He became well known for selling firearms. He became successful at a young age due to this. He did, however, struggle with drug addiction. The media called him the “stoner gun dealer.”

The Globe competed to produce weapons during the Cold War. If there had been a war with the West, Eastern Europe would have been a good place to store them. But as the Cold War ended and people started fighting less, arms dealers began moving these weapons around.

The “grey market” was created because of the transactions that followed. This is a place where non-state actors (like militias or terrorist groups) and authorized customers can both get weapons through unofficial purchases made by foreign countries.

The Pentagon wanted to get into this new market to buy weapons for the militias it had formed in Iraq and Afghanistan. It could not do this independently, so it needed companies like AEY as proxies.

Diveroli started working when he was young. He worked in a one-room apartment in Miami. This was during a time when a lot of arms were being sold. He tried to get into the field alone with only a laptop while sitting on his couch. He started looking at solicitations on the government website, FedBizOpps, where contracts are posted.

Diveroli first bid on small projects with the help of money from Ralph Merrill, with whom he did business while working for his uncle. By age 18, Diveroli had become a millionaire because he did better than bigger companies like Northrop Grumman, Lockheed, and BAE Systems. Rolling Stone says that Diveroli had “a taste for risk and an ambition that ate him up.”

The Pentagon gave AEY, Inc., a contract worth $298 million to provide weapons and ammunition to the coalition forces in Afghanistan. This happened as Diveroli’s contracts continued to grow, and he established a track record of success.

Diveroli quickly had to work with shady weapons dealers, dishonest diplomats, and “soldiers of fortune” to do work for the U.S. government. He met with people at embassies, made plans with foreign defense ministers, and talked to senior Army officers on the phone.

On March 27, 2008, AEY Inc. was shut down by the U.S. government because it did not follow the terms of its contract agreement. AEY Inc. had given ammunition made in China to the Afghan National Army and police forces instead of supplying equipment such as rifles and other weapons as agreed upon in the contract. This caused an inspection into how business contracts are awarded within the U.S. Army.

The ammunition was not good enough for the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Additionally, AEY had a history of failing to follow through with contracts. For example, it didn’t send 10,000 Beretta pistols to Iraq but did send helmets that could be deadly.

David Packouz and Ralph Merrill, who was the group’s top financier at the time, both used to work for Diveroli. They then sued the company for millions of dollars they said they were owed because of the deal with the US government to buy weapons.

Efraim Diveroli made his money in this manner. Using the people he knew, he started a business that sold weapons and ammunition to governments all over the world. Sadly, he had to use dubious methods to carry out several contracts, and it eventually caught up with him. According to estimates, Efraim Diveroli is worth $25 million.

Personal Life

Efraim Diveroli kept his business going while waiting for his trial. He pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy, and on January 4, 2011, he was given a four-year prison sentence.

However, he received an extra sentence because he had a gun while out on bond. His overall sentence was lessened because he helped the prosecution with their investigation. David Packouz, who used to work with Diveroli, was sentenced to seven months of house arrest.

Key Facts About Efraim Diveroli

  • Efraim Diveroli is an American businessman and arms dealer.
  • He is estimated to have a net worth of $25 million.
  • Efraim started his business while still in high school, and by 18, he had become a millionaire.
  • Efraim’s company, AEY Inc., was shut down after it failed to follow through with its contracts with the U.S. government.
  • Efraim was sentenced to four years in prison for one count of conspiracy.

As an entrepreneur and arms dealer, Efraim Diveroli has built up a net worth of $25 million through ambitious and sometimes unethical business deals. His story shows that taking risks and working hard can lead to great success, but it also shows what can happen when things don’t go as planned.

How does Efraim Diveroli spend his money?

Efraim Diveroli is a very wealthy man. He has a net worth of $25 million. This allows him to buy luxurious mansions, cars, and jewelry. Efraim also enjoys traveling to different places. He loves showing off his wealth to others and doesn’t mind spending money on what he pleases. Efraim is known for being very kind to his family and friends.

He’s been known to give them extravagant gifts, take them on expensive vacations, and cover their medical costs. Efraim Diveroli believes you cannot take something with you when you pass away, so he spends his money while he can. Efraim Diveroli puts his money into stocks, real estate, and other businesses to ensure his wealth keeps growing.

Efraim Diveroli was successful because he was willing to work hard and take risks. Despite his legal troubles, he was able to make a lot of money. People who want to be successful like him can look at him as an example and be inspired by him.

People can be motivated to do great things if they have the right mindset and work hard. Efraim Diveroli’s story is a good example of this. He became successful by making the most of his opportunities.

Famous Quotes by Efraim Diveroli

  • “It’s all about taking risks. The rewards can be great if you’re willing to take risks.”
  • “You must learn how to play the game to win it.”
  • “Be persistent and don’t give up on your dreams no matter what life throws at you.”
  • “If you want to succeed, you must be willing to take risks and make sacrifices.”
  • “You only get one life, so make the most of it.”

In the field of business, Efraim Diveroli is an example to follow. His tale serves as a cautionary tale for anyone who desires to succeed. Efraim’s $25 million net worth results from perseverance and hard work.

He is a shining example of what can be achieved if you are prepared to take chances and put in a lot of effort to realize your aspirations. Famous sayings by Efraim serve as important reminders that to be successful, you need to work hard, keep going, and be committed.

Lesions To Learn From Efraim Diveroli

Here are some lessons to learn from Efraim Diveroli:

  • Take risks: Efraim’s success came from his boldness to take risks and explore new opportunities. He made a lot of money because he was willing to put himself out there and try new things.
  • Work hard: Efraim’s success took work. He worked hard to make it happen and was dedicated to his goals.
  • Persevere: Efraim faced many obstacles on his path to success, but he never gave up. He kept going despite the difficulties that came his way.
  • Be generous with your money: Efraim was very generous with his money and believed in helping those who needed it. He often gave gifts to family and friends.

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There are some common questions about Efraim Diveroli’s net worth:

Q: What is Efraim Diveroli’s net worth?

A: Efraim Diveroli has an estimated net worth of $25 million.

Q: How did Efraim Diveroli make his money?

A: Efraim made his money as an entrepreneur and arms dealer by taking risks and working hard. He also invested in stocks, real estate, and other businesses.

Q: What does Efraim Diveroli spend his money on?

Efraim spends his money on luxury items such as cars, mansions, and jewelry. He also enjoys traveling and giving gifts to family and friends.


We hope that Efraim Diveroli’s tale has helped you understand the value of perseverance and taking calculated risks. Efraim is a motivating role model for people who want to succeed in business, and his $25 million net worth serves as a reminder that everything is possible if you are prepared to do the work. You can become wealthy, too, if you keep the advice Efraim gave you in mind.

Do you have any questions about Efraim Diveroli’s net worth? Let us know in the comments.

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