Da Brat

Da Brat Net Worth: Unveiling the Rap Icon’s Financial Status

Da Brat is a big deal in rap and hip-hop. She’s been rocking the scene since the 90s with her unique flavor and energy. Rising to the top, Da Brat has cemented her status among the elite female rappers with her net worth being a topic of interest for many.

Da Brat

Da Brat is an American born on April 14, 1974, as Shawntae Harris and wowed us with her first album, “Funkdafied,” in 1994. She was the first female rapper to bag a platinum music award as a solo artist. Huge! Da Brat paved the way for female rappers with this single track that combined laidback West Coast funk and hip-hop vibes with soulful R&B flair.

She didn’t stop at music. Oh no! She mastered radio and TV, too. She was giving her a broad range and plenty of dough. A testament to her staying power and adaptability is found in her net worth. Besides rapping, acting gigs and a regular spot on a fantastic radio show widened her brand and sent her bucks skyward.

Her talent shines, sure, but it also pads her wallet. To determine Da Brat’s net worth, let’s peek at album sales, concert pay, media show-ups, and side businesses. She’s mixed it up with big names over time. This probably upped her earnings. As music morphed over the years, Da Brat stayed in the game and kept making her mark.

Result? She’s still a hot artist whose net worth has got everyone talking. Harris’ net worth is estimated to have been significantly influenced by her successful career as an American rapper.

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Early Life

Before becoming known as Da Brat, Shawntae Harris grew up in a musical environment in Chicago, fostering her talents from a young age. Her early life laid the foundation for her later career. 

The American rapper and actress released her first album in 1994 at the age of 20.

Education and Upbringing

Shawntae Harris, better known by her stage name Da Brat, was born on April 14 and raised in Chicago, Illinois.

da brat education and upbringing

She discovered a passion for music early in her life. Harris’ upbringing in a vibrant city known for its rich musical heritage played an instrumental role in shaping her artistic demeanor.

She graduated from the Academy of Scholastic Achievement, a continuation charter school that caters to at-risk students in 1992. Later, in October 2021, she said in an Instagram post, “I now have a scholarship named after me at The Academy Of Scholastic Achievement and YCCS…the high school I graduated from.”

Kenwood Academy

da brat Kenwood Academy

During her time at Kenwood Academy, she immersed herself in the arts and honed her rap skills. Her education in this institution fueled her creativity and allowed her to engage with like-minded peers, nurturing her talent in a structured environment.

Music Career

Da Brat’s music career has been marked by pioneering achievements, especially for a female rapper. Her distinctive style and energetic performances have solidified her place in hip-hop history.

Rise to Fame

da brat Rise to Fame

In 1994, Da Brat burst onto the scene with her debut album, “Funkdafied,” making her the first solo female rapper to receive a platinum certification. The album was a commercial success, mainly due to its catchy lead single, “Funkdafied.” It has been Da Brat’s most successful album to date. 

Da Brat has also collaborated with numerous artists including Kris Kross, Missy Elliott, Lil’ Kim, Mariah Carey, and more.

Album Successes

“Funkdafied” was followed by “Anuthatantrum” in 1996, another critical and commercial triumph that included hits like “Give It 2 You.” Her third album, “Unrestricted,” showcased a more mature side of Da Brat and secured her status with solid sales and chart positions.

Da Brat’s career has solidified her legacy, bypassing mere commercial metrics and influencing a generation of artists. She was nominated for the award for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist in 2001 and 2004.

Collaborations and Features

da brat Collaborations and Features

A sought-after collaborator, Da Brat has worked with various artists, amplifying her impact on the music industry.

Her collaboration with Mariah Carey on the remix of “Always Be My Baby” showcased her crossover appeal.

She also teamed up with Missy Elliot and Mariah Carey on “Ghetto Love” and the hit remix of “Loverboy,” further cementing her versatility and ability to connect with a broader audience.

Acting Endeavors

The accomplished female rapper extended her talents beyond music. Da brat has ventured into acting. She made her mark in film and television, showcasing her versatility as an actress in various roles.

Film Projects

da brat Film Projects

Da Brat made her cinematic debut in the 1996 fantasy comedy Kazaam, cast alongside Shaquille O’Neal. Her foray into film continued with a role in the 2001 musical drama Glitter, which starred Mariah Carey. Da Brat’s presence in these films demonstrated her ability to transition from music to the big screen, contributing to the film industry as a multifaceted entertainer.

  1. Movies Featuring Da Brat: Kazaam (1996)Glitter (2001)
  2. Kazaam (1996)
  3. Glitter (2001)

TV Spots

da brat TV Spots

Da Brat has also ventured into TV roles and shown her versatility in various roles. She was in The Chi, a drama that shows life in a South Side Chicago neighborhood. In Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta, we see her life as a female rapper.

Da Brat also spent time co-hosting the talk show Dish Nation. She joined the reality TV competition The Rap Game, produced by Jermaine Dupri, highlighting her status as a notable rap artist.

  1. TV Appearances: The Chi, Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta, Dish Nation, The Rap Game, Yo! MTV Raps (Revival)
  2. The Chi
  3. Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta
  4. Dish Nation
  5. The Rap Game
  6. Yo! MTV Raps (Revival)

Business Adventures

Through several entrepreneurial efforts, Da Brat has used her fame to grow her wealth. She is involved in a mix of personal brand growth and strategic partnerships.

Brat Loves Judy

da brat Brat Loves Judy

Da Brat joined her partner Jesseca Dupart to create the reality show “Brat Loves Judy.” The show assists Da Brat in building her brand and securing a position in the entertainment industry beyond music. This venture showcases her talents and opens additional income streams from the reality TV market.

Joint Ventures in Business

da brat Joint Ventures in Business

Da Brat, famous already, went after more wins. How? By joining forces with Jesseca Dupart. Who’s Dupart? She’s the big boss at Kaleidoscope Hair Products. She and Da Brat worked together. The goal? Couple Da Brat’s stardom with Dupart’s smarts. This incredible team shows how Da Brat went beyond music. She boldly stepped into business. In doing so, she upped her star worth.

Off-Stage Life and Bonds

Shawntae Harris? Yes. But you may know her as Da Brat. Her off-stage life is entirely of color. She’s open about her sexuality and tight family bonds, a narrative common among influential female rappers. Here, we delve into her romantic and family links.

Identity and Love

da brat Identity and Love

In 2020, Da Brat came out as lesbian. This shaped her tale of love and identity. She’s with Jessica Dupart right now. They showcase their love across social media and in public. In fact, “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” on WE TV showed their love journey.

Kin and Bonds

What about Da Brat’s family or kids? Only a little is known. What do we know? Her family ties are often said to be strong, reminiscent of the tight-knit bonds seen among successful rappers.

Shawntae Harris likes to keep family stuff private. These parts of her life seem out of the public’s eye. The most recent updates on Da Brat’s family involve her pregnancy and the birth of her son in July 2023.

Her relationships, notably with her partner, are a known part of her public image. They connect with people who seek realness and easy-to-understand behavior.

Money and Legal Struggles

Da Brat’s money situation is deeply tied to her legal and economic issues. These problems vary from troubles with the tax service to severe legal situations, all affecting her net wealth.

Taxes and Bankruptcy

Da Brat Taxes and Bankruptcy

IRS Troubles: Da Brat has had different incidents with the IRS. She has faced:

  1. Demands for overdue taxes
  2. Notices regarding her financial duties to the IRS

Bankruptcy Status:

In August 2018, Da Brat registered for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and revealed:

  1. Items worth roughly $108,700
  2. Debts reaching about $7.7 million

This financial restructuring aimed to solve her large tax debt and other monetary debts.

Legal Problems

Da Brat Legal Problems

Assault Lawsuits:

Da Brat faced court actions due to assault allegations:

  1. Cases related to complaints of assault or serious assault
  2. Court orders that led to jail time, probation, and community service orders

Da Brat’s involvement in the October 2007 incident at an Atlanta-area nightclub left the victim’s face permanently scarred. She was sentenced to three years behind bars, seven years of probation, and 200 hours of community service for striking a woman in the face with a rum bottle.

Financial Impacts: Da Brat net worth is estimated to have been affected by various factors throughout her career.

These legal troubles have resulted in:

  1. High legal costs have influenced Da Brat’s net worth, showcasing the financial impacts that law-related issues can have on rappers.
  2. Profound money loss during her jail times
  3. Court-ordered payment of millions to the assault victim

Law-related issues impacted her money matters, causing ups and downs in her wealth. This reflects the turbulent financial landscapes many rappers navigate.

Online Presence and Reputation

Da Brat’s influence goes beyond music. She consciously crafts a public persona as a famed artist and producer.

Her social channels, mainly Instagram, let her connect with followers. She shares bits of her personal life, ties with stars like Allen Iverson, her ancestry, and more, showcasing the life of an American rapper. Updated 2024, she has 4 million Instagram followers.

Da Brat Our Yiddle Stanky Man

Scene Time

Da Brat holds a strong standing in the media. Her musical achievements and production journey often gain the spotlight. News outlets highlight her and her career milestones and private errands. Da Brat’s Instagram highlights her professional news, private moments, cultural side, and personal style. Her moniker is often branded with her public image.

Engaging Her Followers

Da Brat Engaging Her Followers

Da Brat’s fan dialogue is layered. Via Instagram feed and stories, she shares peaks into her day-to-day. This may show gym routines that hint at weight control, fashion preference, subtle body measurements, and height cues. Her religious beliefs are usually not spotlighted in these exchanges but invite followers from various backgrounds. Here’s a basic details chart:

Da Brat often chats directly with her fans. She replies to comments and joins live chats to connect with followers instantly. This creates a natural bond with her fans, making her appear reachable and genuine.

Charity Work and Local Involvement

Da Brat is known for her charitable acts, underlining the value of helping her community.

Charity Efforts

Da Brat Charity Efforts

Da Brat’s charity work focuses on helping communities in need.

She’s participated in work to boost learning prospects and resources for kids a commitment shared on platforms like the Rickey Smiley Morning Show. Teaming up with nonprofits, she’s backed programs that empower young artists to chase their dreams. Her regular involvement in concerts for charitable causes and fundraisers reveals her dedication to using her influence for good.

Music and Awards

Music Highlights

Da Brat, also known as Shawntae Harris, significantly impacted the music scene with her first album, Funkdafied. This 1994 album didn’t just earn platinum status. It made her the first female solo rapper to sell a million copies, shooting her to fame.

Da Brat’s album soared, its title song reaching high spots on many music charts, including the Billboard Hot 100. She kept releasing hits after her album Funkdafied. Those songs helped her hold her space in rap. Ghetto Love is one of her essential albums. It helped mold her unique style. Da Brat is known as a skilled hip-hop artist.

Awards and Recognition

Da Brat’s career brought her many awards. These honors show her musical impact. Billboard Awards are part of her collection because of her chart-topping songs. Her songs’ style and message earned her critical applause, dedicated fans, and lasting fame as a hip-hop role model.

Net Worth and Earnings

Da Brat Net Worth and Earnings

Respected rapper and entrepreneur Da Brat made serious dollars throughout her career. She’s seen success but also setbacks in earnings. Current guesses put Da Brat’s wealth at several million. Her earnings come from several places, but music is the main one. She sold many platinum albums, so her music earnings are significant. Breaking through in the ’90s, her first album earned platinum status. It thrust her into fame and set up her success.

Da Brat has made her money in many ways, not just selling albums and giving concerts:

  1. Producing music: Work behind the stage.
  2. Affiliations: Team-ups with companies.
  3. Acting: Roles in TV and movies.
  4. Business: Owning and investing in companies.

Even with problems that hit her earnings, Da Brat stayed relevant in show business. Websites like Celebrity Net Worth have talked about how she got back on her feet financially and increased her wealth. Her passion for music and her knack for business has been vital in keeping her financially stable.

Furthermore, she has faced money losses. Legal problems and other issues have changed her net worth, but she has shown she can bounce back from these challenges. Equity Atlas and Wealthy Gorilla comment on Da Brat’s net worth, placing it around $4 million.

Best Parts of Her Career and Future Plans

Da Brat has made a name in music with numerous top hits and joint projects with famous artists and producers. Her career growth and steady work with high-profile people in the industry have set the stage to discuss her past work and plans.

Old Team-Ups

Da Brat Old Team-Ups

Da Brat, whose first album “Funkdafied” went platinum, has worked non-stop at the So So Def label, run by Jermaine Dupri. She often sees success from collaborations like those with Jermaine Dupri. Early in her career, she showcased her skills while working with Kris Kross. Her project with Dem Franchize Boyz was critically acclaimed, thanks to her contributions.

Future Plans

Da Brat Future Plans

Da Brat is focusing on digital platforms currently, with projects like a web series and creating YouTube content. Information about her future music ventures is scarce. Yet, there are rumors about new releases. These may involve modern artists like Future. Her participation in these projects exhibits her versatility and ambition to keep up with the changing industry.


How has Da Brat’s music career influenced her wealth?

Her debut album “Funkdafied” going platinum has majorly added to the wealth. A wave of hits and top-charting albums in the 90s laid the groundwork for Da Brat’s financial stability, significantly impacting her net worth.

What impact have Da Brat’s TV appearances had on earnings?

Being on TV shows, like reality series and guest spots on other shows, has broadened her income sources. Not only does she get paid now, but these roles also increase her fame in showbiz.

What changes to Da Brat’s wealth did happen because of her other business activities?

Her income increases due to putting money into various businesses. These self-started businesses add to her wealth, but we don’t know the exact financial facts about these activities.

How did teaming up with others boost Da Brat’s income?

Working together with other artists and companies has boosted her income.
Teaming up usually results in shared gains and can help artists reach new people and markets.

What part of Da Brat’s income comes from royalties and residuals?

Monies from her tunes and writing rights remain an essential income source. As her songs are played, sold, or allowed to be used, they provide ongoing residual income for her.

In what ways has Da Brat used personal branding and endorsements to increase her wealth?

Endorsements and promote her brand, like her public image and activities on social media have created more income. These agreements often involve getting paid to market products or services.

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